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A round trip is where you book one of our Blue Line Limousines in Brisbane to pick you up and drive you to a destination, and then we return later to pick you up from a pre-arranged location. This can be the location where we dropped you off or can be a location of your choice. 

Q: Airport pickup, how does that work?

We get that question a lot, mainly because customers are concerned to get lost in the crowds. 

There are TWO scenarios.

Domestic Airport Pickup

If you fly domestic, we will be waiting for you at the luggage carousel (unless agreed otherwise). We use your flight number to find the carousel where your luggage will be.

Using a name board with your name on it, you will be able to find your driver quickly.


International airport pickup

International Airport pickup, is a little bit different than the domestic airport pickup, due to customs. Once you arrive, you will have to take your luggage through customs.

Once you clear customs, we will be standing at the exit with a name board to assist you with your luggage and escort you to your car.

Q: I used to take cab's, but found discretion was left to be desired.

We hear that a lot, our chauffeurs do not listen to the conversation, they focus purely on getting you where you want to go, most comfortably and efficiently possible.

We all know the stories of cabbies talking about what they heard or experienced in their cab. With our limousine service, you will NOT have that. If you want to continue discussing your business with your fellow passengers, you can do so, from the comfort of our limousine and you can be assured that the conversation is not listened into.